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Cave Story Randomizer is a mod for Cave Story which shuffles around the locations of weapons, equipment, and upgrades in order to provide veteran players with a new play experience.

This mod works with both the original freeware version of Cave Story (get it here) and Cave Story+, Nicalis' enhanced rerelease. Right now English is the only supported language.

Cave Story Randomizer is in currently in beta, so it's possible that you could run into some bugs. If anything strange happens to you, please let me know on the discussion boards here on itch. I urge you to keep around the generated "data" directory and "log.txt", as they will be invaluable for reproducing issues.

Known Issues

  • Map entities are unchanged for now. Everything which used to be a Life Capsule will still look like one until you open it.
  • Collecting the Super Missile Launcher increases your maximum missiles by 5. This does not normally happen in Cave Story.
  • Weapon trade sequences are quite likely to be strange.
  • Chaco will give you an item every time you sleep with her. (Which is totally unnecessary, I'll do it for free.)
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Cave Story Randomizer v0.6 3 MB
Version 28 Dec 29, 2018